Large-Scale Interactive Architecture: Table 2.0


- Interface perception of sonic shared environments.


- The multi-touch tabel environment is augmented with 3D ambisonic sound space.


- Sonic Bugs travel along the water surface while spatially shifting their respective sounds in the room.


- Sonic Bugs travel paths can be altered by the participants.

They can create repulsion points that push, deviate or even entrap the Sonic Bugs.



The Sonic Bugs by:


Interaction and Entertainment Research Center (IERC),

Nanyang Technological University (NTU),



Prof. Louis-Philippe Demers - Principal Investigator

Armin Purkrabek - Research Associate

Phillip Schulze - Research Associate



Project funded by:

The Digital Realities Start-Up Grant

Nanyang Technological University



Thanks to:

Hanafiah Yusuf



© Demers / Purkrabek / Schulze 2009



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