Large-Scale Interactive Architecture: Floor 1.0


- Interface perception of horizontal planar sites and of panoramic scale.


- The Wind Tunnel is a large-scale interactive multi-touch/user installation.


- The visitors are invited to experience a long corridor depicting virtual flow and air turbulenc: the Floor.


- The Floor can be modified to fit the site-specific requirements.


- The tunnel could namely be deployed in parrallel to moving escalators and in long transit spaces.


- The corridor is of an arbritrary dimension where the longest span would give the outmost vanishing point.


- The sensing surface is retrofitted into the floor using proprietary multi-touch ruggedized capacitive matrix.


- The visuals are synthesized in real-time by various particle systems and are displayed from the top via an array of video projectors.


- The soundscape is derived from the audience perturbation and it renders the sound of air flowing using real-time modifications of envelopes from white noise.



The Wind Tunnel by:


Interaction and Entertainment Research Center (IERC),

Nanyang Technological University (NTU),



Prof. Louis-Philippe Demers - Principal Investigator

Armin Purkrabek - Research Associate

Phillip Schulze - Research Associate



Project funded by:

The Digital Realities Start-Up Grant

Nanyang Technological University



Thanks to:

Lee Shang Ping (IERC)

Chelsea Cheau-Shyr Wong (Interactive Media - School of Art, Design and Media)


© Demers / Purkrabek / Schulze 2009



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